Hyperlocal Social Networking Platform

JC will provide an equal opportunity social media platform to all the users irrespective of their social status or profession.

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About Us

Janta Choupal is a hyperlocal social networking platform that was launched in 2015 with the objective of breaking the stereotypes of modern-day global social media. The idea of that time has now taken the shape of an app to solve this ever-enlargening problem of social media ruling by some specific type of influencers.

Equal Empowerment

Janta Choupal is committed to democratizing social media by empowering each and every user of the community irrespective of their social status or profession.

Data Privacy

Janta Choupal strictly looks after the confidentiality of its user's information. It respects your privacy and makes certain that the app is free from all intentional or unintentional breaches.

Local Networking

Janta Choupal works according to the user location. It auto-creates the network of the user based on where he lives and changes the network when the user shifts from one location to the other.


In JC, even a downtrodden from the bottom of the 'status pyramid' created by society can have as many followers as the one sitting on the top of that pyramid have. This app gives equal opportunities to all the locals of a particular area to influence and bring change.

Get The App Now

Janta Choupal is a unique app that is committed to bringing positive change to society by connecting locals, irrespective of their social status or network. It will automatically create a network of people living in the same location and will give them a platform to share news, social posts & issues among themselves for meaningful conversation and impact.

How It Works

JC automates the creation and re-creation of local networks according to the user's current location. As soon as a registered user of JC shifts his location, the app automatically changes his network. For example: If someone from City A has registered on JC, then all the users of City A will automatically become his/her followers. If the same user moves from City A to City B, the users of city B will then become his/her current network. However, the network radius can be modified for the more refined or extended network by changing the settings.


Our testimonials are the certification of our excellence from the users' point of view to extoll the virtue of our application.

“The easy-to-use design of Janta Choupal makes this app worth your time. The app has nice features and good performance.”

Amit Kumar

“I used JC for local networking, and I am really happy with this application. It gives you a good opportunity to connect with locals.”


“I think Janta Choupal is the perfect application to make a social network where you can share useful information with the right set of people.”


Contact US

Get in touch with us for any queries or information related to the application and its functioning